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An Update from GAIN Group on COVID-19
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Porsche Centre Victoria

Pro Driving Program with Parker Thompson

At twenty-one years of age, Parker Thompson is one of Canada’s most promising young racecar drivers. With beginnings in kart racing, Thompson spent his early teens contending for championships all over the globe. Now an established racer in multiple series across North America, Thompson is a burgeoning talent in both open-wheel and sports car racing. In 2019 he was called the busiest racer in North America; campaigning four cars in forty races from California to Quebec. He is a multiple championship winner and the proud driver of the #3 Island Motorsport Circuit / Porsche Centre Victoria / SCB Racing GT3 Cup car.

Your experience:

The two-night, three-day program will include unique experiences on and off the track, including a full day of pro-driving coaching at?Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, an exclusive evening at?Coachwerks Restoration, along with exceptional culinary experiences and accommodations at the picturesque?Villa Eyrie Resort.

Upcoming Dates:

  • October 10-12

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Date Posted: September 23, 2019