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Porsche Partners

Porsche partners are manufacturers of components and consumables meeting the highest standards of technical innovation, durability, and overall quality. For all of these reasons, key components developed by Porsche partners are regularly employed in the manufacture of Porsche vehicles. The partners listed on this page have therefore joined with Porsche to respond to the needs of owners, and therefore represent the preferred choice of Porsche dealers when the need for replacement or refilling arises.



Bose® and Porsche


Bose is one of the global leaders in developing and manufacturing audio products and focuses heavily on research and technology. This is only possible because the company is privately owned and it reinvests 100% of its annual earnings. The majority of this investment goes back into its own research.



Porsche and Michelin


Porsche and Michelin have been working hand-in-hand since 1961 and can also look back on a successful 30 year partnership in the field of motorsport. Being in action on the world's toughest race tracks has led to exemplary technology transfer. Experiences gained on the race track find their way into every Porsche production vehicle. 



Mobile 1 and Porsche


The partnership between Mobil 1 and Porsche was created in 1996. The coming together of two of the greatest names in automotive history is not by chance. Today both look back on 10 years of successful cooperation.  

Porsche Design


Porsche Design


Porsche Design is actually an independent design firm founded in 1972 by the chief designer of the iconic original Porsche 911, and the man who formerly occupied the Chairman's office at Porsche A.G., Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche.